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ARTIST FEATURE: Steve Benjamins

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steve benjaminsThe arena of anthemic indie pop is a saturated one. Writing good songs is tough, but making a name for yourself is even harder, especially in a genre of music not especially known for innovation.

Toronto singer-songwriter Steve Benjamins does, however, have a number of aces up his sleeve. His music sounds naggingly familiar and yet pretty fresh at the same time, which is basically the magic combination in this industry. Unsurprisingly he has already reaped comparisons to artists like Bon Iver, Sufjan Stevens and Michael Stipe and, at the risk of using a dirty word, there’s definitely a presence here from one James Blunt. None of which is going to do Benjamins any harm on his gradual climb up the ladder.

Steve Benjamins makes patient, understated music, characterised by broad sonic landscapes and a confident - yet fragile - vocal. He sounds a little like what might have happened if Adam Levine had never met Maroon 5 and instead became a brooding solo artist, which perhaps gives you a sense of his commercial potential.

Benjamins’ slow-building, lighter-waving new single ‘We Used To Live’ introduces a welcome dance flavour to his oeuvre, and is available to stream at the link below.

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