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secondbornSecondborn isn’t just a random rock moniker. This Lafayette six-piece are so-called because they formed from the ashes from various other bands who “almost made it” (ain’t that a familiar story?), and as relative veterans of the independent rock scene, this time they mean business.

Having seriously put in the hours riding around in crappy old vans and paying their dues, Daniel, Patrick, Stefan, Tim, Alex and Lee are running Secondborn under a very different kind of manifesto. Sick of playing by the music industry’s tired rules, they have foregone the touring treadmill, self-funded everything and resolved to focus on honing their songwriting and recordings to a point of maximum marketability.

The result is a slick, heavy, highly polished sound that will appeal to fans of Rise Against and 30 Seconds To Mars. Current single ‘When Lions Dream’ - which paves the way for the arrival of six-track EP Symbols in June - is epic in scope, and rich in emotion. Yearning, spacious guitars call out over thundering drums and powerful, heartfelt vocals, the hooks poppy and uncompromising, the sentiment widescreen. Passion in spades.

Clearly benefitting from the wisdom of experience, Secondborn are well placed to make a name for themselves in 2015. Find out more at the links below.

Stream the single

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