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grumslingPart indie rock band, part dark fairytale, Oakland four-piece Grumsling like to do more than just stand on a stage and thrash out some chords. Their music is couched inside an epic narrative, a nexus of mysticism and mythology inspired by those vintage rock bands - Led Zeppelin, for instance, or Pink Floyd - who, when they weren’t singing about sex, were singing about hobbits.

I guess you could call Grumsling “alternative”, but they push this definition to the extreme. Both their recent EPs (Full Coverage and A Church, On A Boat, In The Sea) were recorded on winter solstices and released on spring equinoxes, because… well, just because. Their artistic output goes beyond pop songs and into the realm of comic books, graphic novels and even movies, and their live shows are buzzing with projections and various visual aids.

Reminiscent at times of bands such as Modest Mouse and Talking Heads, this San Francisco outfit favour authentic sounds over digital manipulation, further good news for alt-rock fans with a strong sense of nostalgia. And as for the Grumsling himself… who is this strange creature, you may ask? “The Grumsling is a force of mischief,” the group declare on their Bandcamp page. “A trickster… [He] sees the world in degrees of chaos and fun”.

So there you go. Just don’t listen to it alone, at night. You never know what you might accidentally unleash.

Stream the EP
Bandcamp (Full Coverage)
Bandcamp (A Church, On A Boat, In The Sea)

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