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ARTIST FEATURE: Five Hundredth Year

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five hundredth yearDespite only forming two years ago, Michigan-based hard rock outfit Five Hundredth Year are already turning heads on the metal circuit. An accomplished live act, they’ve opened for bands such as GWAR and Mushroomhead and have rocked numerous high-profile festivals including Chill On The Hill, Dirtfest and Carnival of Chaos.

Huge, skull-pounding and satisfyingly dark, the Five Hundredth Year sound is heavy-hitting and finely honed. The presence of keyboards and female vocals (from bassist Brenda Bennett) lends the songs a harmonic quality often missing from the metal genre, and vocalist John (no surname given - yep, he’s that enigmatic) leads the charge with an accomplished voice that swings all the way from terrifying and guttural to tender and melodic. In other words, don’t let the headbanging fool you - there’s an emotional core to FHY which could see them winning fans all across the globe.

Self-described as “hard rock for the 21st century”, FHY consider themselves the true heirs to influential acts such as Five Finger Death Punch and Breaking Benjamin. And with their anthemic choruses, crunching grooves and insatiable appetite for success, this might not be such an outlandish claim.

The band’s new EP A Rose From Ashes is out now.

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