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calatrillozThe majority of band biographies read in largely the same way. Guitarist met drummer in high school, little brother joined on bass, keyboardist sourced on Gumtree (etc). But not CalatrilloZ. No, this heavy metal five-piece describe themselves as “a circus troupe of wanderers” who “gathered from the darkened fringes of time” and “endlessly journey across the pages of an ever-shifting history”.

You may have guessed by now that UK quintet CalatrilloZ have a penchant for the dramatic. Having assumed outlandish fantasy personas in pursuit of their art, Zahyin, Mobius, Azriel, Vargovar and Jimmy Sticks (guess which one’s the drummer) have sallied forth in possession of a monstrous operatic rock sound with the sole purpose of tearing the London music scene a new one.

And the result is genuinely thrilling. CalatrilloZ sound a little like what would happen if Jesus Christ Superstar spent an afternoon jamming with Metallica, which isn’t something you hear every day. The metal scene, of course, is fertile ground for theatricality, and CalatrilloZ’s compelling blend of polished musicality and high drama is bound to win them a willing fanbase as they work towards the release of their debut album, Psalms Of Zahyin, on 22 June.

“Puppets are made to be commanded,” reads the band’s promo material, “and should the marionettes find themselves without a master, the demonic forces trapped within them will once again be awaked”. So, y’know… be afraid. Be very afraid.

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