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broken guruThere are those who believe there is something ultimately tragic about a middle-aged punk-rock band. Surely the very essence of punk - the rebellion, the angry rejection of society’s rules - only makes sense when emanating from the mouths of disenfranchised teenagers?

In short, no - because forming a rock ’n’ roll band in your teens isn’t really a rebellion anymore. Everybody’s doing it. In fact, starting a band when you’re a kid has become more of an act of conformity than of Sticking It To The Man. Which means that bands like Broken Guru, made up of three lifelong friends from NYC’s Forest Hills who are, shall we say, no longer 21, have every chance of being as relevant as their younger competitors. Plus, when an eighteen year old says “I don’t care what anyone else thinks of my music”, it’s probably an affectation. When Broken Guru say it, it’s 100% genuine.

This fiery, psychedelic three-piece from Queens shun auto-tune and glossy recordings in favour of authentic, no-nonsense production, their raging, rasping sound characterised by meaty guitars, clashing drums and gutsy bass playing. They’ve shared a stage with Battleme, Daisy Berkowitz of Marilyn Manson fame and Ricky Byrd of Joan Jette and the Blackhearts, they’ve just released their debut record Bent Up Halo and they clearly have little intention of hanging up their axes anytime soon.

Perhaps punk-rock, like youth, is wasted on the young.

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