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Alexia Fredsteres - Learn To Play Guitar

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Kicking off Episode 46 of our indie music Weekly Podcast is French composer, mixer and DJ Alexia Fredsteres. No stranger to funky, eclectic beats, this new artist has loads of SoundCloud selections that will have you dancing, chilling out or sailing away in a hallucinogenic sea of sounds. A true SoundCloud believer, Alexia understands music as the Universal Language and believes in its potential to bring all artists and listeners together. Travelling around the globe, Alexia is bringing this belief everywhere, creating and exploring new sounds, beats and influences (check out her latest Made in Japan) that are bound to rope in the listener. Another of Alexia’s vibrant, catchy tunes is a featured track on this week’s podcast, titled Learn to Play Guitar.

Alexia Fredsteres learn to play guitarFrom the first moments of the intro, you can tell that this track is not actually about learning to play the guitar - at least this isn’t what it sounded like when I learned to play. The song kicks off with an electronic stance, boasting some great mixed in sounds, beats and entrancing vocals, but somewhere you know there must be a guitar kicking in. Finally bringing in the six-string wonder, Alexia introduces a drowning/underwater slide guitar, jumping and flashing between left and right speakers, bringing in that great mixture between instrumental and electronic. With the sharp vocals and driving chill out-beats, Learn to Play Guitar takes the listener on a relaxing and dreamlike journey that is (honestly, and thankfully) nothing like how it sounds when someone is learning to play the guitar.

Check out any of Alexia’s other tunes like Cap Aventure or Relax Me Doctor and you’ll continue to see the great potential behind this mixing artist/composer. With some hypnotic beats, great sounds and awesome vibes behind each and every one of the songs, there is a lot to look forward to with Alexia’s coming work. Although apparently in Japan right now, there will hopefully be loads more to come from Alexia. With more travel comes more experience, more influence and more creativity, so keep on moving Alexia, and we’ll keep our eyes and ears open for you on Weekly Podcast and SoundCloud.


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