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667sounds & Johnny Mindlin - The Living Sea

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Featured on episode 34.

The Living Sea is something of an oddity: it is not quite a song but neither can it be deemed a poem.

The two art forms meet on this track and what results from the encounter is a difficultly definable hybrid. And don’t get us wrong: that is by no means a bad thing. On the contrary, works which do not come with a pre-affixed label are usually the most interesting. It’s out of the comfort zones and at frontiers that exciting things are more likely to happen. Whenever an art form reaches out towards another, that’s when it stands the best chances of stretching its own boundaries.

667sounds a.k.a Nick Nolan from Dublin seems to be drawn to those challenging areas. His SoundCloud page attests to a love of collaboration. This willingness to explore different means of expression sees him venturing into filmic territory, too, for The Living Sea, as a video was put together which further expands the realm of this track.

The theme of intersection is also present in the track itself, as the sound of the sea coming to crash ashore again and again is what serves as the atmospheric basis. It sets the desolate mood as Johnny Mindlin’s gorgeous, smooth voice gravely intones its tale of loss and sorrow over the waves. The melody and rhythm arise from the words themselves and these reel the listener in. The Living Sea is profoundly romantic, with romantic here having two possible meanings: the first is linked to love in a brooding, Brontë sisters sense (although, ladies, Wuthering Heights is as far and away as you should let your imagination carry you, Johnny Mindlin being a very happily married chap); the second is reminiscent of the artistic Romantic movement, with its strong connection to Nature. The elements here seem to be entirely attuned to the narrator’s inner turmoil and reflect this darkness within. Nature is also all powerful, the grey sea having absorbed the blue-eyed heroine’s life, leaving the hero bereft. Yet he still finds himself drawn to the waters which hold strange but undeniable appeal.

Weekly Podcast encourages you to surrender to the ambience of The Living Sea, too.

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