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20 Riverside – Sing Your Song

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Featured on episode 35.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is not a review. This is a feel-good alert. We thought we’d warn you. You know, just in case today is the day you need to deliver that tearful Oscar-winning performance in a dramatic movie (Hey, Meryl Streep could totally be reading this. Weekly Podcast is international, after all). If being in a bad mood is on your agenda today for any reason at all, you had best skip Sing Your Song. If you choose to listen to this tune, however, that’s tantamount to waving any starts of a sulk goodbye in favor of sporting a (quite possibly daft) grin. Meryl and the general public should also take note that this feel-good alert is accompanied by a very real danger of uncontrollable, rhythmic neck movement.

Whatever your musical inclinations, chances are, Sing Your Song will cater to them in some fundamentally satisfying way. 20 Riverside’s sound incorporates so much, yet does it so smoothly and successfully that it seems almost a lack of respect to try and pick this song apart and pinpoint this and that passage specifically.  It is just not done to stop and analyze when in the throes of this much fun. We’re sure providing such musical enjoyment actually involves massive amounts of dedication, no matter how ultimately easy and breezy the end result. However, the positive energy generated by Sing Your Song comes to us first and foremost via the band members’ own enjoyment of their art, we feel. The way a succession of solos sees each finding his groove perfectly while complementing the others highlights the band’s rare chemistry.  Seeing these guys live is now on our to-do list.

20 RiversideIf you are still with us at this point, we’ll assume you have also opted to abandon yourself to the bright side. In which case, you might as well go all the way and watch the debut music video to Sing Your Song. If only because it features a gorilla-mask bonnet. Move over Kanye, the rapper with the coolest coif is in 20 Riverside.


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